Brand Positioning

People buy from brands with values that match their own. If you can't articulate exactly who you are and what you represent, or even where you sit within your chosen market, you’re at risk of being misunderstood. 


Clarifying your values, mission and market position are the first steps in creating a powerful company story that'll stop prospective buyers in their tracks and make them go, 'Damn. They get me.' 

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Messaging & Content 

Time to develop your narrative - starting with your website. Like a book, it has many chapters or mini stories carved into its pages, making it the beating heart of your entire brand story. Other types of content such as video scripts, blog articles and sales collateral will follow on from this point.

Need a copywriter to create your tone-of-voice and craft some content? I'll show you how to use powerful storytelling techniques to build intrigue and inspire action.


Getting business relies on strategy. If you're not from a marketing background, increasing engagements, boosting traffic and generating online revenue can feel daunting and a little impossible. 

Not only can I help you clarify your brand's identity and story-fy your content, I can also help you put together a marketing strategy to ensure your personality-rich messaging gets in front of the right people, resulting in more sales and less panicking.


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Some of the brands I've written for:

"Lizzie is a very driven and passionate person who always strives to understand the heart of your business, and it’s due to this drive that she produces such superb work."


 - Adam Berry, Head of Operations & Growth, Pragma 


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