Yes, B2B stands for 'business to business' and yes, there does need to be an element of respect in the tone you choose to take when writing B2B communications.


But. Your strategy should still talk to the people behind the organisation, not the organisation itself because the company is not your customer. The managers, finance officers, sales executives and creatives that sit behind the glass front are

And we are all just people. People who want solutions to problems and answers to questions. 

Creative Storytelling

Now you have a winning strategy in hand, let’s take a look at how you can creatively present yourself to your customers in a way that’s not only captivating and engaging, but insightful and purpose-driven. 


Think of this step as a bit of a Cinderella moment - a sprinkle of magic that makes you look a hell of a lot more desirable to prospective buyers than anyone else.


We can get as creative as you like.


Lead Generation

B2B buying cycles can be long and complicated.


As a B2B copywriter, I do two things:


#1 Help generate initial leads through websites, landing pages and content.


#2 Help guide existing prospects towards a purchase by crafting different types of sales collateral that can be used by your sales team. 

Need help with either? 

Interested in making your B2B brand more approachable?


Kick-start business growth here.

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Some of the brands I've written for:

"Lizzie is a very driven and passionate person who always strives to understand the heart of your business, and it’s due to this drive that she produces such superb work."


 - Adam Berry, Head of Operations & Growth, Pragma 


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