Pitch Work

Getting the chance to pitch is a big deal. To be successful in winning their business, you’ll need to show a room full of decision makers that the brief they’ve given you has been correctly interpreted and creatively met. Yet, these briefs can be deliberately cryptic and complex at times.


Thankfully, challenging briefs are my speciality. I've been part of pitches where my copywriting has had the edge even when artwork or presentation styles were stronger elsewhere.

Need a fresh set of eyes and an expert opinion?


Is your workload just so massive that you need a copywriter who can slot in and pick up where you left off? 


Did you landed a new client who requires a certain type of experience or a fresh tone of voice? 


Whatever it is that’s got you seeking a freelance copywriter, I know I’d be able to step up to the plate. I typically work to an hourly rate but am happy to negotiate a set price per project or milestone - whatever works for you.


Take a look at the types of content I produce.

Campaign Development

The clock is ticking. Deadlines are looming. You know you need to pass this job onto your always-busy designers but things just aren’t running your way.


It happens. Even award-winning agencies have campaigns that lose its way from time to time - the trick is to know when it’s time to call in some backup.


Hiring a freelance copywriter can help you set things back on track and breathe new life into a campaign.

Need help with an account, campaign or project?

Let's join forces.

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Some of the brands I've written for:

"Lizzie is a very driven and passionate person who always strives to understand the heart of your business, and it’s due to this drive that she produces such superb work."


 - Adam Berry, Head of Operations & Growth, Pragma 


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