"The world only exists in your eyes. 

You can make it as big or as small  

 as you want." 

 - F. Scott Fitzgerald  

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I'm Lizzie Wood, a freelance copywriter (+ free spirit + serial remote worker) who loves helping agencies, brands, start-ups and entrepreneurs create powerful stories that resonate with audiences all over the world. 

In my eyes, those who tell the best stories win the best business. And, with over four years of experience working with creative agencies, marketing managers and business owners (from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and everywhere in between), I write copy that can bring the magic of any brand to life. 

Think of it this way...

If your business is a castle, I'm your drawbridge. 

When faced with growing pains, deadlines and overheads, businesses often neglect the very people that can save them: customers.


While it's easy to get detached when the pressures of running a business come calling (B2B brands are particularly guilty of this), it's important to remember that your market isn't made up of mythical creatures. They all have homes, jobs, pressures, thoughts, feelings and needs (just like you), which have to be understood if you want to win them over - and that's what I do best. 

Becoming the ultimate success story. 

Whatever the nature of your business, I use targeted yet creative copywriting to build strong, purposeful connections, allowing you to communicate more effectively with your target market. Together, we can reach the people you want to attract (no matter how unreachable they appear to be) and craft all the winning content you need to move forward - so your business can reap the benefits. 

"From soulful brand stories to clever lead-gen campaigns and beyond, I know how to intrigue, captivate and urge through strategic thinking and creative, human-friendly copywriting."

Limitless is a state of mind...

Limitless Copywriting started life in Yorkshire, England back in 2015 but it hasn't stayed there. From the coffee shops of Auckland to the dizzying altitudes of Peru, Limitless Copywriting and I have been on one long digital nomad adventure together, where a huge part of that journey has involved working with international clients and getting to know people from all walks of life in an authentic, true-to-self sort of way. 

Success starts with insight. 


So what's that got to do with you? Well, since I’m the person who will be linking you with your customer and portraying the passion you have for your business, it's a huge benefit to you that I understand how people think, feel and act. Psychology plays an enormous part in drafting copy that converts, so having someone on your side with global buyer behaviour knowledge can only be a good thing. 


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