Story IQ is a content marketing agency with a focus on creating brand stories. The eBook, ‘Why is story-driven content marketing so powerful?’ is not only the brainchild of Story IQ’s Steve Ballantyne, it’s also very much a product of my own personal copywriting principles and experience.


It aims at teaching brands, particularly B2B companies, how to use storytelling techniques and structures to improve brand perception, engagement and lead generation, which features useful ‘how to’ directions at the end of each chapter. 

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Here are a few copywriting projects that I'm particularly fond of. If you'd like to see a sample of something else, just let me know - I have plenty more to show you.

Video Script

I’m a huge fan of Corporate Anthropologist,  Michael Henderson so when an agency he collaborates with hired me to help relaunch his website and update his image with a brand story video, I jumped at the chance.

Culture is often misunderstood so the aim of the script was to demystify it. 


Using the legendary David Attenbourgh as inspiration, we wanted to make sure Michael’s authority on workplace culture translated as vividly online as it does when you watch him speak or when you meet him in person.


So, to set the right tone and build trust, we adopted a documentary-style format for the video, sourcing a wild New Zealand beach for added impact.



Blog Articles

Mumsnet is a UK lifestyle website, which started out just for parents and has evolved into a valuable source of inspiration and knowledge for everyone. I regularly contribute to their blog with articles, listicles and product descriptions, showcasing products based on the recommendations of Mumnset users. 


Topics include:


  • Beauty

  • Fashion 

  • Homewear  

  • Parenting 

  • Fitness 

  • Health

  • Lifestyle


Pitch Work

This piece was part of a full pitch campaign designed to encourage businesses to see Canon in a new light - not just as a camera or printer company.


To help them make the transition into a credible and viable IT provider in the eyes of their customer, I decided to come up with an umbrella story that linked back to their origins as a company, which would not only justify their new direction, but would make it seem like the most natural next-step for them.


The basic premise was to build on their ‘achieve more’ positioning line by developing a narrative that said, ‘we’ll never stop exploring, it's in our blood - see for yourself’.

Other campaign elements that I worked on included; a promotional video, social media content, blog articles and EDMs.


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What started life on a napkin over a cup of coffee and a brownie, grew into something beautiful.


At the time, Chique Photography & Makeover Studio was very much a work in progress. Co-owner, Lauren Crainer knew she had a winning business model but had no idea how to effectively market herself to ensure her first UK studio would stay fully booked.


Right there on that scrunched-up napkin I wrote the positioning line, ‘Escape. Transform. Capture.’ Three little words that would change everything.


Later came the website. Instead of selling a photography and makeover package, I suggested selling the feeling so I created characters for each branch. 


Nowadays, Chique is still rolling out new studios and going from strength to strength, with my words painted on the walls for all to see. 

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Sales Deck

Having already worked on Solutionists’ ‘b-commerce’ service launch (writing web pages, advertorials, blog posts and magazine ads), it made perfect sense that I would continue on and create a slide deck for their sales team.


Instead of rushing in and shouting about the benefits of b-commerce (e-commerce for B2B industries), they wanted me to come up with a concept that demonstrated the inevitability of b-commerce to create some urgency around their offering.


Since consumers are becoming much more self-sufficient online, I came up with the ‘We now live in a Self-Service Economy’ concept - an angle with plenty of research and data to back it up.


This would show B2B companies the importance of including a DIY, ‘I want it now’ function on their websites so buyers can complete complex B2B transactions instantly, ensuring the stay competitive.

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"Lizzie is a very driven and passionate person who always strives to understand the heart of your business, and it’s due to this drive that she produces such superb work."


 - Adam Berry, Head of Operations & Growth, Pragma 



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